Family of George Manderson TREWEEKE and Louisa Kathleen SMITH

  • Husband:

  • George Manderson TREWEEKE (1850-1932)

  • Wife:

  • Louisa Kathleen SMITH (1856-1909)

  • Marriage:

  • 1878

  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia1

Husband: George Manderson TREWEEKE

Louisa Kathleen SMITH Mini tree diagram
  • Name:

  • George Manderson TREWEEKE

  • Sex:

  • Male

  • Father:

  • -

  • Mother:

  • -

  • Birth:

  • 1850


  • Baptism:

  • 1864 (age 13-14)

  • Mawnan, Cornwall, UK

  • Death:

  • 1932 (age 81-82)


Wife: Louisa Kathleen SMITH

James SMITH Annie Helen SMITH Alice Margaret SMITH George Manderson TREWEEKE Ruth Marion SMITH James Cook SMITH Ino Edith SMITH Ann Elizabeth CAPON Mini tree diagram



Robson, John, April 2010, Endeavour Lines, Vol 54 "The Melbourne Family of James Smith", Captain Cook Society, Australia.


Robson, John, In the Captain Cook Society Journal - Cooks Log Vol.32,no1 (2009).

"James Smith had gone to sea on whaling ships in the 1830s and ended up in Australia thereby missing the subsequent British censuses. He joined Vansittart uinder Captain Prince in 1837 and, by 1839 he had arrived in Launceston, Tasmania where he settled. Smith became master of the Government Buoy Boat on the River Tamar but also worked as an artist. He painted and exhibited in Tasmania and Melbourne where he later moved.

James Smith married Ann Elizabeth Capon on 15 February 1843 at the Independent Chapel in Launceston. She was the daughter of another artist, William Capon. The Smiths had five daughters and one son: Annie Helen (born 1843), Alice Margaret (1845), Louisa Kathleen (1856), James Cook (1861), Ino Edith (1863) and Ruth (1865). Most of the children married......James Smith was an invalid for six years before he died in Melbourne in September 1881.