Family of Richard WILSON and Ann SMITH

  • Husband:

  • Richard WILSON (c. 1755-1828)

  • Wife:

  • Ann SMITH (1760-1797)

  • Children:

  • William WILSON (1783- )

  • Marriage:

  • 18 Jul 1782

  • St Michael Church1


  • Address: Paternoster, London, England

Husband: Richard WILSON

William WILSON Ann SMITH Mini tree diagram
  • Name:

  • Richard WILSON

  • Sex:

  • Male

  • Father:

  • -

  • Mother:

  • -

  • Birth:

  • c. 1755


  • Occupation (1):

  • 1808 (age 52-53)

  • Wine Merchant; 20 Great Eastcheap, London, UK2

  • Death:

  • Jan 1828 (age 72-73)

  • Eastcheap, London, UK

  • Burial:

  • 24 Jan 1828

  • Bunhill Fields Burial Ground3

  • Will:

  • 5 Feb 1828 (age 72-73)4


  • Occupation (2):


  • Wine Merchant

Wife: Ann SMITH

Charles SMITH Isaac SMITH Charles SMITH Timothy SMITH Richard WILSON William WILSON William SMITH Ursula SMITH Nathaniel SMITH Hannah SAVAGE Mini tree diagram

Child 1: William WILSON

  • Name:

  • William WILSON

  • Sex:

  • Male

  • Birth:

  • 16 Apr 17837


  • Baptism:

  • 9 May 1783 (age 0)

  • St Martin Vintry7


  • Address: London, UK



Parish Register for Marriage of Richard Wilson, widower and Ann Smith, spinster, St Michael, Paternoster, London, England, 18 July 1782.

Witnesses Charles Smith and Catharine Gurnon


Holdens London Directory of Taverns & Coffee Houses. Cit. Date: 1808.

Richard Wilson - Wine Merchant, 20 Great Eastcheap, London.


Bunhill Fields Burial Ground for Burial of Richard Willson and of Great East Cheap, London, UK, Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, 24 January 1828.


Wills. Cit. Date: 5 February 1828.

RICHARD WILSON. In the Name of God Amen. I Richard Wilson of Great Eastcheap in the city of London being in my perfect right mind thus make my last Testament and bequeath to my Sons William and James Wilson in equal shares the half of what I do possessed of after all my debts and funeral expenses are paid I appoint my Brother William Wilson of Olney Bucks their trustee to connect to them and to dispose of it for them and to my said Brother I bequeath the sum of two hundred pounds to my sister Elizabeth Imms twenty pounds to my sister Charlotte Wood twenty pounds to my man Jonathan Tisley the sum of forty pounds to my maid Lucy Hamlin forty pounds and to my late maid Mary Brassington forty pounds If my property exceeds the legacies herein named I leave the residue in equal shares between my said two sons and my brother William Wilson aforesaid my sole executor should my executor think it right to dispose of my business I judge it worth £2000 the Stock and Utensils to be taken at valuation my three houses and other premises I hold on Lease and worth £1500. In witness of this my last Will and Testament this first of September 1824. Richard Wilson. Witness to my said Will Jonathan Tisley and Lucy Hamblin.

5 February 1828.

APPEARED personally Samuel Burn of Freeschool Street in the parish of Saint John Horsleydown in the county of Surrey distilla and John Newbald of Potters Fields in the same parish and County Hoop Bender and made oath that they knew and were acquainted with Richard Wilson late of Great Eastcheap in the City of London Wine Merchant deceased for many years before and down to the time of his death and also with his manner and character of handwriting and subscription having often during with their acquaintance with the said deceased seen him write and also write and subscribe his name to writings and having more carefully viewed and proved the paper writing hereunto annexed purporting to be the last Will and Testament of the said deceased beginning thus "In the name of God amend I Richard Wilson of Great Eastcheap in the city of London being in my right mind thus make my last Testament" ending thus "three houses and other premises I hold on Lease are worth £1500. In Witness of this my last will and testament this first of September 1824" and thus subscribed Richard Wilson they say that they verified and in their consciences believe the whole body said.and contents of the said Will together with the subscription thereto t be of the proper hand writing and subscription of the said Richard Wilson the Testator deceased. Sam Burn, John Newbald same day the said Samuel Burn and John Newbald were duly sworn to the truth of this affidavit before me H C Coote Sund pt Pell French 22P

PROVED at London 5th Feb 1828 befoe the Worshipful John Leggard Dr of Laws and Surrt by the oath of William Wilson the brother the solo Executor to whom admon was granted being first sworn duly to admon.


Goodman, J. (Ed), 2008, Coal and Calico, Merton Historical Society, England, 192.


Non-conformist Records for Burial of Ann Smith, aged 36 and of Penton Street, Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, City Road, London, England, 28 April 1797.


Parish Register for Baptism of William Wilson and son of Richard and Ann Wilson, St Martin Vintry, London, England, "9 May 1783, born 16 April".

Born 16th April 1783